Electric Palette Makeup Tutorial

HEY GUYS! I was super hesitant in putting this video up because my skin was just going through some SHIT! 🙁 it was so hard for me to edit this video without cringing and judging but here it is! I’m working on my skin right now, i ran out of my daily face wash and this was the outcome 🙁 But i finally had the chance to pick it up and im happy to say that with just one time of using it i already saw a difference and im so excited!!!! Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this super everyday wearable look 😉 I really missed doing colorful looks like this.

Products Used

Shany Cosmetics
Urban Decay “Savage”
Urban Decay “Urban”
Urban Decay “Chaos”
Makeup Geek “Starry Eyed”
Elf Glitter Primer
TKB Trading glitters “Red Earth” and “Adam and Eve”
Too Faced “Heaven”
Urban Decay “Fringe”
Urban Decay “Chaos”
Urban Decay “Revolt”
Loreal Voluminous Fiber Lashes
Urban Decay Glide on “Delirious”
Colour Pop “Trap”


  1. eat.sleep.beauty says:

    omg so in love with this look new subie

  2. Egidio says:

    I would like to learn, but I could not do it :(! Gorgeous and amazing!
    You’re really beautiful! If you want to go and visit my channel! I left you
    a likeeee! Good luck for all!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Kelsey Escobar says:


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